Vera Neubauer
Live action films
3 min, col, Beta
An adolescent is given advice on how to live by the Chancellor of Exchequer, Geoerge Osborne.
Live TV
1 min, col, 16mm
How our lives become entangled in media, and media becomes part of our lives.

Commissioned by The Arts Council and the BBC (Late Show).

I Want a Husband, Two Children and a Semi-Detached
Feature script commissioned by Channel 4.
Don't be Afraid
27 min, b&w, 16mm
A musical, which follows four rebellious youth of mixed race through part of their adolescence and an upheaval, which results in the birth of a potential cabinet minister.

Commissioned by Channel 4.
1st Prize from the youth jury at Oberhausen Film Festival.
1st Prize for Best Short at Melbourne.
1st Prize for Best Fiction at Montreal International Film Festival.
1st Prize in No Budget Film Festival, Hamburg.

Passing On
30 min, col, 16mm
‘Passing On’ is a poetic observation of different attitudes towards ageing, dying, death and the beyond by different races and cultures.

Commissioned by Channel 4.
1st Prize for best Film in the Piccadilly Film Festival.
Mid Air
16 min, col, 16mm
Why should women in Europe today want to be witches and practice witchcraft? The opera ‘Mid Air’ sets out to answer this question.

Commissioned by Channel 4.
1st Prize for Best Fiction Film at Melbourne Film Festival.