Vera Neubauer
Animated films for adults
All Done and Dusted
3 min 13 sec, animation, col, beta
Moving out of our family house I had to dispose of some of my possessions. A time of reflection.

The film is a small memorial to all those who perished in the concentration camps.

Fly in the Sky
5 min, experimental animation, col, beta
"Let us say that a fly has fallen into a spiderweb and the spider has sucked her dry. This is a fact of the universe and such a fact cannot be forgotten. If such a fact should be forgotten, it would create a blemish in the universe. Do you understand me or not? " I.B.Singer

For the last 800 years many monks, nuns and prisoners dreamed of escaping the Abbey.

The Last Circus
23 min, animation, col, digital, 35mm
In 'The Last Circus' legends, religion and real life3 events, all dance and summersault through the arena in an absurd, choreographed splendour, competing for time and space.
10 min, animation/documentary, col, beta
Hooked follows a journey of a woman obsessed with finding a very special treasure. She journeys through Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia knitting on her way.

Short documentary/animation, commissioned by Channel Four Television and the Arts Council of England.

La Luna
26 min, animation/drama, col, 35mm
La Luna is a tale of love and fear, dreams and ambitions, deceit and murder.

Thirty minute film drama/ animation for Channel 4 TV in association with the British Film Institute and The Welsh Lottery.

I Dance
1 min, animation, col, 35mm
This afternoon I danced with a paintbrush and a naked woman. My studio is not far from a mosque.

Funded by Spectre Films.
The Dragon and The Fly
1 min, animation, col, 35mm
The Dragon is the sulphur drenched Port Talbot in South Wales. The steel works come to life at night, when the refinery gushes out its fiery tongue. This breath-taking spectacle is watched by a fly slowly dying on a windowsill.

London Filmmakers Co-op and the LVA. Commissioned for the opening of the Lux Art Centre in Hoxton, London.

Wheel of Life
16 min, animation, col, 16mm
Draws on Old Testament text, a mix of live action and animation, to tell a tale of original sin and destinies controlled by the forces of nature and man. Images of creation and destruction, of pre-history and modernity, of love and hate and of life and death punctuate the narrative. (Michael Sweet)

Funded by the Welsh Film Council & S4C.
Awarded SDR TV phone in audience prize – International Stuttgart Trickfilm Festival

The Lady of the Lake
20 min, animation, col, 16mm
An ink on paper animation mixed with live action. It is based on a legend in which a mermaid falls in love with a young man and is allowed to share her life on land with him as long as he doesn’t strike her more then three times.

1st Prize in Stuttgarter Wintertage Ankara Film Festival
1st Prize for the Best Experimental Film in Mediawave Gyor
Audience Prize in Wilhelmshaven
3rd Prize The International Festival of Short Film Dresden
3rd Prize Ankara International Film Festival

The Mummy's Curse
25 min, animation, col, 16mm
An examination of power in personal relationships that echo into wider political powers that dominate us all.

Funded by the Arts Council, Screened at the London Film Festival.

The Decision
33 min, animation, col, 35mm
A woman, enclosed in the four walls of her home, struggles to find a balance between her fairy tale upbringing and the mundane reality of her everyday life.

Funded by the British Film institute.
Animation for Live Action
25 min, animation, col, 16mm
Childish scrawl, devilish cartoon figures and black and white photography compete to represent the woman in what’s been described as a literal battleground, with animator and animated fighting over the editing machine and fantasising each other’s murder. Nothing is taken for granted, including the authority of representation itself – a restitution of the phallus which masculanises even feminist film into daddy’s neatly sprocketed long legs? (Mandy Merck)

Funded by the (B.F.I.).
1 min, animation, col, 16mm
Screened at: Edinburg Film Festival, International Animation Film Festival Ottawa.
25 min, animation, col, 16mm
1 min, animation, col, 16mm
Funded by R.C.A.
Cannon Fodder
1 min, animation, b&w, 16mm
Funded by R.C.A.